Christmas Decorating Ideas For Office

Christmas decorating ideas for office – Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

Christmas Decorating Ideas For Office

christmas decorating ideas for office

    christmas decorating

  • (Christmas decoration) A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red.


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Food and decoration

Food and decoration
Assignment: pca12 – A Do over or retry with Christmas
Deadline: January 6, 2008

I chose juxtaposition assignment because I love subtle hits in photos. But I kinda got stuck, no idea that I had seemed to be good enought to even try. After two weeks have passed and I didn’t have a single photo for the assignment and not a single idea good enough I chose to improvise. I noticed similarities between tree ornaments and limes and oranges we have at home, then I worked on with this.

It was a great picture the way I imagined it to be, oranges and limes on the plate and christmas tree in the background and then from the picture you would not be able tell where food ends and ornaments begin, but the tree stands on a computer table along with all the office material ( it’s really a patheticaly small apartment 🙂 I just couldn’t arrange them to look nice.

Then I switched positions, food in the position of decorations and decorations where food should be. It could mean a lot of stuff, for instance: "We like to decorate with food while eating artificial products" or something 🙂 I’m not at all happy with the result, I don’t think this will stand outside the assignment ( I’m not even 100% sure this is juxtaposition example :), but critiques are your domain. My job was to catch the deadline 🙂

Shelley & Rob's Office

Shelley & Rob's Office
Shelley and Rob’s theme was the "Koumala Reindeer Chickens (Chooks)". This particular office is infamous for having a flying pig toy hanging from the roof (which i recently won in the xmas charity auction … explains the previous photo).

Anyways, Deb thought it would be a funny idea to (somewhat) sabotage the display with an out break of (invented) "Swicken Flu" (a chicken/pig flu hybrid) … hence the danger signs and safety tape.

Now Koumala (for non Mackayians is a blink and you’ll miss country town about 60ks out of Mackay in the middle of nowhere (in which Shelley commutes to and from everyday for work!). Oh and she has chickens … Make sense???

christmas decorating ideas for office